Archdiocesan & County News of Note

If you have an important community-wide event or program that you would like admitted here, please contact Ali Curley at Please note that inclusion of events is subject to pastoral approval. 

  • Bergen Catholic Open House

    September 24

    Bergen Catholic High School will host its first Open House on Sunday September 24 from 1-3. Registration can be found on the Bergen Catholic

    website. Any questions email Matt Rosa, Director of Admissions, at

  • National Christian Life Community

    Season of Creation

    September 1-October 4

    We would like to personally invite you to join the following initiatives, which support our Holy Father's call in Laudato Si to care for creation:

    1. Christian Life Community has partnered with a network of more than 400 religious communities worldwide in observing this Season of Creation. We encourage you to prayerfully consider participating in one or more of these initiatives that are also described on the website:

    2. Online Prayer Services: on September 1st and on September 19th. An ecumenical team of international faith leaders have organized two online prayer services together. We have been able to get some really good folks to participate on this, including Bill McKibben of, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a Catholic sister from Latin America! 

    3. Laudato Si Pledge: Our goal is to have 1 million Catholics sign a pledge to: pray for and with creation, live more simply, and advocate to protect our common home.

    If you have any questions or need some support, please feel free to reach out to Ann Marie Brennan at

  • Christian foundations for ministry

    Fall cycle: tuesdays, sept 12 - Oct 31

    Christian Foundations for Ministry explores the faith and mission of a Catholic in our time and place. Sponsored by our Archdiocese, we have a place for you. The full program extends over three years, but we welcome anyone and everyone who may wish to participate in any part of it.

    Place: Church of St. Catharine, Glen Rock Charity Room – Parish Center

    Time: Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

    Topics for 2017-2018: 

    Fall cycle: 9/12-10/31 The Church

    Winter cycle: 1/9-2/27 The Liturgy

    Spring cycle: 4/10-5/2 Morality and Justice

    Tuition: Fees for St. Anne parishioners are covered by a gift for this purpose.

    For further information: 

    Contact Aileen Giannelli 201-794 -0317 --or-- Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, SC 973-497-4295


    Deadline: November 30

    In preparation for the 2018 Synod on Youth ("Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment"), Pope Francis is calling on all young people aged 16 - 29 to complete a survey that will express their thoughts--even those who have moved away from the Church or are questioning the existence of God.

    “Every young person has something to say to others, something to say to the adults, to the priests, sisters, bishops and the pope. We all need to hear you.”

    Please share with the young people in your life!