Feed the Hungry

At Saint Anne parish, we try not to take for granted the blessing of our "daily bread." With so many in our communities going without basic necessities, and when so much of our food goes to waste, it is imperative that we establish good stewardship practices in our food habits that can benefit those who do not have the same resources. There are several organizations and ministries in our parish that work to improve the conditions of those who hunger:

Food Pantry

Our pantry assists over 200 people every month with food, personal items, and household products. The pantry is open to those in need on the first and third Wednesday of the month in the lower level of the rectory. Many families in our neighborhood rely on this service, so please give generously when you can! We are extremely grateful for the donations made by parishioners, the scouts, local religious communities, Catholic Charities, and local businesses. Any donation is appreciated, and we also collect coupons (whole pages, please; do not cut). 

In order for the Food Pantry to operate efficiently, we rely also on the generous donation of time by our volunteer carriers, stackers, baggers, shoppers, and distributors. All are very welcome to come help out! 

Giving Tree

Every Christmas, over 2,000 gifts of new clothing, toys, and pet food are purchased for families and children's organizations. In addition to your gifts, help is needed each year with sorting and distributing. Do more than just wish a Merry Christmas. Help make it happen! You will be blessed!

Human Concerns

The ministry of Human Concerns keeps the parish aware of issues which cause hunger in our country. Its primary work is to write letters against hunger.

Advocacy to End World Hunger

Volunteers assist with the Bread for the World letter writing campaign, assisting with the composing and collecting of letters. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any of the above ministries, please contact Michelle Goetz at 201-791-1616 ext. 217.

Shelter the Homeless

Shelter Ministries

Members of Saint Anne's partner with Family Promise of Bergen County to provide meals at the Walk-in Dinner program in Hackensack. Volunteers purchase, prepare, and serve a hot meal for up to 150 people. Our group participates three or four times a year. 

For further information contact Cathy and Tom Tyls at 201-796-8522.

Visit the sick

Our parish ensures that those who are sick are not forgotten, and there are so many ways to help comfort them:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. We meet on Mondays in the School Library Conference Room at 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria.  Click here for the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

Substance Abuse Resources

The vast majority of people who need treatment for substance abuse do not seek it. Though there are many barriers that hinder people from getting the help they need, awareness is a significant factor. This can be in the form of lack of recognition or just not knowing the available avenues for help. Below you will find a comprehensive set of guides that provide information on many of the prevailing substance abuses that are affecting our communities today, various care options, and many free resources: 

Lay Apostolate

The Lay Apostolate's mission is to help parishioners in need. They visit the sick and sponsor the Christmas "Giving Tree" as well as many other special projects. 

Nursing Home Visitors

These Eucharistic ministers assist at Mass, lead Communion services, and bring Eucharist to our brothers and sisters at Maple Glen and other nursing home facilities. We bring the love of Christ and the love of the Saint Anne family to those who cannot be with us. 

On the Road Again Ministry

Some of our brothers and sisters are well enough to come to church, but they have no way of getting here. Can you help?

Parish Social Ministry

This ministry is our faith community’s response to God’s call to share our gifts in service to one another by reaching out to those in our  community in need. We would like to be able to offer emergency meals, phone calls to folks living alone and friendly visits to the home-bound. If you are looking for a way to volunteer, become a part of this ministry. Call Ileana Alexander at 201-321-1878 or send an email to maria0403@aol.com (please put Social Ministry in the subject line).

Parish Nursing

The Saint Anne Parish Nurses are caring and compassionate professionals who promote the health and well-being of our community by attending to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each person within the context of their beliefs and values. The goal is to promote health and wholeness and to attend to  the needs of each person within the context of their beliefs and values. Our parish nurses volunteer their time at each Coffee Sunday to offer free blood pressure screenings, They are also available for home and hospital visits, upon request. For more information or if you would like to join us, please contact Margaret Howard at 201-924-6887.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Care and the love of knitting and crocheting have been combined in this prayerful ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort. Once our dedicated women volunteers complete their work, the shawls are blessed and shared with our brothers and sisters. We always welcome committed individuals to join us in our ministry. And gifts of yarn are always gratefully accepted! This is a ministry you can even do from home!

Sick and Homebound Ministry

These Eucharistic ministers extend the welcome and caring of Saint Anne's to those who are very much a part of our family but who cannot always be with us on Sundays. They bring the Eucharist to our ill and aged brothers and sisters, sharing the news of our parish with them and helping to share in our worship and in our family life. The need is great, and this ministry is deeply rewarding. 

For more information on any of the above, please contact us at the Rectory: 201-791-1616.

Give alms to the poor

So many of our ministries are about supporting and providing services to those most in need, however, we have two organizations that are uniquely focused on charitable works within the community:

Knights of Columbus

Still true to their founding principles of charity, unity, and fraternity, the Knights offer support to members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among the Knights and their loved ones through educational, charitable, religious, and relief works. In addition to sponsoring activities emphasizing fraternity among our members and their families, programs are designed to support the Catholic Church, local youth, community, and national activities. You are very welcome to learn more: call the Rectory at 201-791-1616 or visit our website: http://www.kofc2853.net/

Counsel the doubtful

Saint Cajetan Ministry Network

Being un- or under-employed is a time of great anxiety and stress. Saint Cajetan is the patron saint of the unemployed, and our Saint Cajetan Ministry Network is a support ministry dedicated to men and women facing the uncertainty and doubt that comes with unemployment.. How do we do this? By providing a face to face source for spiritual and practical support--a place to unwind, listen to people's job issues and experiences, and build confidence through prayer and guidance.  


There are two main components of this ministry: 

  • Spiritual Support for men and women in their job search via prayers, inspirational stories, and songs to encourage success; and
  • Education regarding the job search process.

We meet every two weeks:

  • on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. in our Faith Center in the lower level of the rectory, and
  • on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Saint Catharine Church in Glen Rock at their Ministry Center. The address is: 905 S. Maple Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ. 

See the Calendar for current dates.

What We Do

A typical meeting begins with a prayer and an inspirational story or reflection that speaks to our spirits, and will include short DVDs or music designed to remind you that you are not alone in this search process.

We spend the rest of the meeting helping you with a particular aspect of your job search. Topics include:

  • Transferable skills; 
  • Developing a cover letter that grabs an interviewer's attention; 
  • Effective networking and the use of social networking tools like LinkedIn; 
  • Job search strategies; 
  • Resume preparation and critiquing; 
  • Interviewing skills and techniques; 
  • Starting your own business; and
  • Personal finance/budgeting. 

The meetings often include a featured speaker with practical advice on these areas of concern. There are also networking opportunities at each meeting. If you are aware of any job opportunities or would like to be a mentor, speaker, or part of the team, please do contact any member of the team (see below).

For more information, please email us at StCajetan@stannefairlawnnj.org or call one of the team leaders:

Joe Bonis - 201-390-7169

Lou Cuomo - 201-657-3838

Ed Grzesiak - 201-321-5144

Eamon Jennings - 917-841-2558

John Lederer - 201-286-9354

Jim Trousdale - 917-363-9977

Steve Zmuda - 201-819-9026

Instruct those who seek

knowledge and Faith

Couples for Christ

By our prayer and service, through our love for God and for one another, we strive to bring families back to the plan of God, to bring the Lord's strength and light to those who are struggling to be true Christian families in the modern world. We serve especially the poor and the oppressed, working for peace, justice, and the integrity of creation. We are families in the Holy Spirit, renewing the face of the earth. Come and be a part of our work!

Couples for Christ Foundation for Life

We aim to build the "church of the home" by bringing families to a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelization, family renewal, and the promotion and defense of life are chief among our concerns. Couples, singles, the widowed, the separated, the elderly and the young are all welcome! Come and learn more!

Voter Registration

Volunteers help their fellow parishioners to be prepared to exercise their voting rights. 

West Bergen Ministerial Assocation

The Association provides ecumenical services on Christian holidays and Inter-Faith Thanksgiving Services. Clergy meet once a month. For more information, contact Michelle Goetz at 201-791-1616 ext. 217.

Comfort the sorrowful

Bereavement Support

If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, please know that you are not alone. The Saint Anne parish family is here for you! We offer two seasonal Mornings of Reflections--one in the fall and one in the spring--in which those who are grieving can come and share their personal experiences, reminisce, or simply share the company of others. We pray that by the passage of time, the camaraderie of our community, and the hand of the Lord that your grief will be assuaged. 

For more information, please call the rectory at 201-791-1616.