arise together in christ: Change our hearts

The Theme for the Spring session will be "Change Our Hearts." Sessions will begin the week of February 24th, will run for 6 weeks (90 minutes per week), and will wrap up before Palm Sunday. 

ARISE Together in Christ is a parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that invites people to develop a closer relationship with Christ, deepen their faith, grow in community, and reach out in service to others.

No matter where participants are on their faith journey, they are attracted to the warm sense of welcome provided by the small-group setting, and the opportunities to meet Jesus Christ in scripture and explore faith’s connection to daily life. 

In addition to the personal growth that occurs, ARISE offers many blessings to parishes: 

  • Vibrant small groups that strengthen faith and foster belonging in the parish
  • A unifying experience that engages parishioners of various ages and ethnic groups
  • Formed lay people to serve as leaders in the parish
  • Faith-based action in and beyond the parish.

ARISE Together in Christ provides a total renewal experience for the parish, spiritually transforming people through the proven model of small-group faith sharing. It also offers parish enrichment opportunities and encourages works of charity and justice.


A letter from fr. joe

Dear Friends,

Have you ever found yourself wanting to  deepen your relationship with Christ but  didn’t know how? Or, have thought about  doing so and didn't think you had the time? If you have, I have a way for you to kill two  birds with one stone.​

It’s called ARISE Together in Christ, from  RENEW International, the experts in parish-based  adult faith formation. ARISE offers a  unique opportunity for each of us  individually, and as a parish community, to  begin a faith journey that can deepen our  relationship with God and each other. It does  so through a series of sessions which will  help us understand Christ and his message, on an adult level.​

Part of the beauty of this program is that it  limits each segment (or season) to six weeks during Lent so that  you can schedule yourself for a specific time frame. What's even better, you can miss one  week and still join a group for the next segment.​

Each group meets at a time that works for  the participants and is made up of no more  than eight to ten members. Groups usually  meet in a participant’s home and a team  leader guides the discussions based on the  lesson for the particular evening.​

Because I believe so strongly in the value of ARISE, I am delighted that our parish has the  opportunity to participate in the process.

You will be receiving an invitation to sign up for a small faith-sharing group which will  meet for 90 minutes each week for six  weeks beginning in February.​

It is my sincere hope that you will respond  positively to this invitation and join us as we  journey toward spiritual growth and new  life in our parish. I believe in this process  wholeheartedly because it’s an adult way of learning, where discussion is open and  listening is thoughtful.​

Let’s do this together! We can’t lose and we  may find ourselves appreciating Christ in  ways we didn’t know.​


Fr. Joe