"We, the Church of Saint Anne..."

All of us. WE. We are the Church of Saint Anne. This is our family, and what we call "stewardship," the sharing of our God-given gifts with one another, is all about living like a family. We live and learn, we pray and worship, we build and serve--together. And make no mistake: you are important. No one can bring you and your gifts--no one, except you! 

So join us! There are so many ways to share your time and talent at Saint Anne parish! We have a variety of Ministries that will allow you to bring your unique gifts to our community! 

Our Ministries are distributed across three areas based on their overall purpose:


Ministries that contribute to the life of the Mass.


Ministries that specifically seek to help people through a variety of situations, in the spirit of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.


Ministries that bring individuals together around common interests.

These are the three main areas we have categorized as "Ministry" at Saint Anne, however, please be aware that our sections on YOUTH and FAITH contain many other programs and areas in which you can volunteer and serve.

Click any of the links above to find out more. We are always looking to expand these ministries, so please do know you are always welcome! And to those who are already involved, please know how grateful we are for your sacrifices of time and energy to our community. We truly appreciate your presence!